Higher Education Libraries in your PERsonal history reSearch


Helpers (Higher Education Libraries in your PERsonal history reSearch) is an online guide to using the resources held in London University's libraries and archives for family and local history research.

Who is this site for (and not for)?

Helpers is intended to be used as a second line of attack in your research. If you've exhausted all the possibilities in your local library or with the census data and you've come up against a brick wall, or you want to deepen your understanding of your family history, then this may be the place that can help you.

If you are just starting out on tracing your family or investigating the history of where you live, then this probably is not the place to start. We've compiled a brief guide to resources on the web that you'll find useful if you're just starting out.

How can this site help me?

London University's libraries and colleges hold a huge amount of material which may hold the crucial fact that allows you to identify that elusive great-great-uncle, who you cannot trace, or may hold some previously long forgotten nugget of information about your locality, and so on.

The problem is where do you start to look? Which of these archives would be useful to you in your research and which are not? Can you get access to them and if so how?

We have picked out the London University collections that we believe would be especially useful to family and local historians and compiled 'Helpers descriptions' for them, which describe what you can find in those collections.

What's on this site


The Helpers system is developed as part of the Accessing our Archival and Manuscript Heritage project, at Senate House Library, University of London, funded by the Laser Foundation and the EARL Consortium. Please see the project website for further details.